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Johns Hopkins University Lecture Position in Arabic

Apply for a Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Award!

Foreign Language and Area Studies Awards applications are still open! The deadline to apply for an award through UW-Madison is February 12th. These awards are open to UW-Madison students and those from other universities who are looking to study at a Wisconsin Summer Language Institute (including APTLII). If you are interested in attending a summer language program this summer, apply for a FLAS award! There are still two chances to learn more in-person, so we invite all interested students to attend a FLAS Info Session on January 22nd or 25th, starting at 3:00pm for undergraduate students, and 4:00pm for graduate students. Good luck with applications!

APTLII 2018 Coordinator Announced!

Jenny Strugnell has been named APTLII Coordinator for Spring and Summer 2018. Jenny is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in International Studies with a certificate in Afro-American Studies. She was an intern working with the Institute for Regional and International Studies and APTLII prior to her current appointment.

“I have been working with APTLII since October 2016, and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the program operates and seeks to improve each year. My experience with APTLII has given me skills I never planned to acquire, including website design and marketing experience. In my studies, I have focused on international issues, engaging in an international studies major with a concentration on global security. As I progress outside of the world of academia, I hope to pursue work in domestic and international poverty abatement. My work with APTLII has opened up my world to the intricacies of language study, and has given me a greater appreciation of the skill it takes to excel at foreign language learning. I’m in awe of all our students and instructors for dedicating themselves to bettering their linguistic breadth.”

APTLII 2017 Arabic Instructor May George Awarded for her Accomplishments

APTLII staff are proud to announce that 2017 APTLII Arabic instructor May George, professor of Arabic at Smith College, was awarded the Dora Johnson Award through the QFL Qatar Foundation!

She also received an Andrew Mellon Foundation Award alongside a group of teachers through Five Colleges at MA for developing a blended learning videos for second year Arabic Grammar.

Finally, she received a Technology Training Award through Five Colleges at Smith College. May has seen the number of students accepted into Arabic courses increase from 14 to 31 during her tenure.

Her dedication to improving language learning for years to come is inspiring, and we cannot wait to see what she’ll do next.

Congratulations, May!